If you could get up without opening your wings

With quiet thoughts, you would fly away




I feel so crazy right now

I think I might lose my mind

Let me taste the music of yours

Let me dive deeper than those

Who betrayed and lost

Wandering without

A choice


You left me broken with


the hope you built

you promised to stay

And…… finally


Killed me



Left no time to regret

Left no time to regret

Put your medicine in the bin

And take a sip of the enchanting trip

But first, you have to do a little trick

To create an impossible escape from it

What I am about to tell you is a secret, a hint

To lead you where it all begins

So just listen carefully a bit

There is a strange creature living in

The place with no name or shape. Quickly, find it!

There is no time to waste, so let’s begin

Don’t be afraid, your fear can’t swim

Your unstoppable, ambitious girl

Be strong in the face of rejection, lost, all of it…

Red hands

Red hands

I made her that way

I made her

I made



From the bottom

To the highest

From love

To murder

To her art

And my searching


Why she?


She was something

She had that in her

That everyone was dying to have

But she also had past

The past I wasn’t aware of

She wasn’t too

But then the old book was finally open

I saw red hands and blue eyes

And then I knew

I made her enter the past

She wasn’t ready to face

I made her fall to the attention of love


She drew me red hands


3 days in a cage

3 days in a cage

She drinks coffee three times a day

There is no other way she can stay awake

She locks her depression away

But her shelter is falling down


She tries to seek help

But her scream is without sound

And she tries to seek help

But her voice isn’t loud enough

And she dives dives into the crowd

Where people alike

Locks themselves inside…


And she askes herself again

Can anyone hear her pain

But there is no answer at all

Cause she is left all alone


She tries to seek help

But her scream is without sound

And she tries to seek help

But her voice isn’t loud enough

And she dives dives into the crowd

Where people alike

Shouts the pain aloud…


Yep it should be a song but I don’t really know 😀 enjoy

Feeling alive

Feeling alive

I’m okay with living a dream

I’m okay with her being just the dream

Don’t stop me and don’t wake me up

The dream I am living became my life

I am happy even when I myself know that this is not reality

But at least I’m happy with the way I feel now

The dream is killing me because I don’t want to wake up

The sun is burning me up

In a good way

I feel more alive in this dream than in the actual world

But the main reason for me here is She

The one I found here

She was very interesting indeed

But lonely like I’ve been those 3 years

But know we are not lonely anymore

We both have poisoned dream

But it is ours

Too slow

Too fast

You reach my hand

For the first time then


And now I’m cold

I’m freezing like a dead soul


How can you take all I have

And make me love you anyway

How can you say that

The love was never there


And in the end

How can you lie

To yourself, to me

To the world around


Why did you hurt,

Why did you create this

And then scattered everything

Into small pieces


Did you forget

Did your heart die just for a second

Of thoughts of  life without me

Was it easy to fool me

To love me, and hate me


The only question I want to ask

Is it you or me

Who caused it?


And maybe I’m a fool

Because I can’t stop loving you…


Hihi it was a loonnnnggg time 😀 I really want to post everyday, but now I’m working and I don’t have time to just sit and create Something. But I promise to myself that I will write more 😀 see you people who read my smth 😀 or just I don’t really know.. Okay I will stop embarrassing myself 😀