So I asked myself again

If I feel okay?

And you know what I answered?


I just didn’t answer at all

And you know why?

Because the answer was here

All along…



I became nothing

I was so caught up with this idea

That I am something

Something unique, something good enough, something to be proud of

I was wrong, wrong                       again….

And still, I kept doing everything I can that will prove my mistake

But no, all I needed all along was just

Being left alone


I became nothing






She kills because she needs to. The killings are her expression of art. She doesn’t think that anybody can understand her because the way she kills is the way she lives…

It started on January 15th. Her first kill. There was no screams, no blood, just she and her art. She took a blue pill, the only thing she takes nowadays. All the things, all the memories of past fade away.

And now she is ALIVE.

To be continued…

P.s. sorry for mistakes I’m not good in English.