One lovely touch…

One lovely touch…

I remember when my mom used to brush my hair every night before sleep. She always would tell a story, but every night different and new. For a long time, I thought that these stories were from books. I was wrong so wrong, all these stories were her’s. It’s sad because I found that it was her’s when I have grown bigger and tried to find them, but in the end, there was no result. I cried a lot, it was like a memory block or something because I couldn’t remember any of my mom told tales, stories, anything. It disappeared… At that moment I thought that I will never get the chance to feel those warm words wrapping me up.

One day I started to dream. to dream again. It was like a miracle because I didn’t dream for a long time. And that dream was one of the many stories my mom told me and I really want to share these stories with you. So will you listen?




Hi there ^^! So this is like a prolog to my (I don’t really know how to call it 😀 hehe) new series maybe?? okay whatever 😀 so yeah, actually I don’t remember what kind of stories my mom told me when I was a kid, but mostly I think it were from books. I will post my own stories I told to my little sister and the night sky when I felt inspired and yeah, so enjoy!

Love and appreciate everyone who reads my “Something” ^^!

P.s. If you see any mistakes, I’m sorry because I’m not good in English 😀




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